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Local SEO for Small Businesses

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Local SEO

About This Service

Local SEO services are directed towards exposing your brand to your local customers online. Proper local SEO exposes your brand to the appropriate traffic that leads to sales and reputation building. Just like the traditional SEO, local SEO aims at improving your search engine rankings and of course, improve your revenue. Local SEO Strategy is handcrafted based on market-driven data to make sure every intervention keeps you a position higher than you were before. Below are some of the services that can enable your brand to be immensely visible online.

What Local SEO Services We Provide

Local SEO Services for small business to drive leads, traffic & get recognized locally. Being a Leading Local SEO Company in India, we ensure that you will get your ROI better than your competitors.

Google My Business Optimization

Google my business in the hallmark of local search. It contains fundamental details about a business. Such information includes a physical address, a picture, phone number and operational hours. Claim and optimize your Google my business listing and ensure all data is a true reflection of your business. Across all your online listings, there should a consistency in name, address, and phone number of your business so that people can easily spot your business online. Our team is well-experienced on this service and we can make sure all local optimizations are custom made so that you achieve your business goals easily.

Ratings and Reviews

We want to make sure people always find a reason to do business with you. The reviews on your local listings matter so we can offer a perfect collection of all positive reviews. Reviews and ratings are also displayed in third party sites something that can really mess your business up if the reviews aren’t good. We are good at building and maintaining the reputation and we will formulate strategies to make sure you get positive reviews from your clients. Positive ratings and reviews are a nice and practical way of creating trust in potential clients.

Keyword Optimization

The keyword is what people search for in your area if they want to find such services. For example, they could search for ‘Dental clinic Delhi’ this means if your business has not optimized for that keyword, you will not be able to rank top on local results. You need to optimize target keywords on your location and include page titles, meta descriptions, and site copy. That way, you will be visible online. If you serve more than one location, every page must be well optimized for the keyword you want to rank with. Once every location is well-optimized, you will be appearing on local searches. Location-based keywords help in making you rank high and make you appear on the first page of Google local searches.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Part of our services is to make sure we analyze user experience on your site. This will help us to know whether people are happy with the website functionality or not. Loading times, page responsiveness, mobile accessibility and content quality. High bounce rate indicates your website is not satisfactory to clients. Most clients use mobile phones when accessing sites online. So as not to lose customers and prospects to competitors, we optimize web pages to become mobile-friendly. With us, we always want to make sure you are on top of the first page Google rankings.

Build Citations of All Your Local Listing

Citations are more of personalizing your Google my Business and other listings. Claim all your listings and make sure your number, address, and phone in all of the listings. We use tools to check for unclaimed citations and optimize them so that they represent your brand well. Citation building helps you increase your rank on local searches because all places that contain your business information redirect people back to your website. We can build citations for your business and make sure you appear on the top three search results.

Link Building

Search engines like Google term sites that have links on high authority sites to be relevant and worth to the customers. For this reason, they always rank them on top. We can create content and guest post in High authority sites where people will be redirected back to you. The aim is to increase organic searches and make you rank top. We always comply with the latest Local SEO Google updates to make sure we always place you a level higher than before.

Local SEO Service is a nice way of making sure your business is well-known in your location. It even boosts reputation, generates sales and humanizes the brand. We are the hands-on type of professionals who can actualize all your Local SEO needs.

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