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Facebook VS Twitter VS Instagram VS LinkedIn: Which is Better for Business Marketing

As you know that social media offerings businesses all over the world and social media help you to create a relationship between your brand and your consumers. And also creates unique opportunities to contact clients directly with clients and the main thing you should know is which platform is right for your business and who your targeted customer is. Social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) helps your business to effectively target particular demographic groups and by this; they are able to see connections between their needs, problems, and wants or desires with services and your products.

 Choosing the right social media platform between (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn) for your business purposes will largely depend on the demographic groups you want to select to target. Best social media writing for business can connect you with your customer. So it means that you’re regularly keeping updates toward the audience or customers on your social media platform business.

How to Choose Better Social Media platform for Business Marketing between This (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn):

Figure out which content you are going to create Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn or Twitter: which is better for you?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


Among middle-aged adults, Facebook is the most popular social networking and Facebook users are more engaged than any other social network. In rural as well as urban areas Facebook is very popular in both areas there are so many users who are engaged in Facebook. More than 70% of users log on every single day and are more than 2 billion monthly users. 

Facebook is also popular with every income and every educational background level.

So many people are using Facebook from different geographic backgrounds which creates a good chance for your clients to hang out here. For the business purpose, your Facebook business page must be well-defined and best for your business audience. The Facebook business page created by me related to my business has attracted so many very small business owners and sole owners, both the B2C and B2B industries. 

For the business and brand, Facebook`s two powerful features are (Groups and Business pages). Facebook provides an opportunity for your brands to create their business pages. Facebook is very useful or suited to small businesses more because it allows you to fine-tune to your targeted clients.

How to Create a Business Page on Facebook

First, open your Facebook account then go to the menu bar. After going into the menu bar you can see there is one option of pages clicks on that pages option. Then after clicking the new bar will open a page’s menu bar. In that bar, there is an option that creates a page. Go there and click here to create a page option. After clicking you will get a new option to select which page you want to create Business or Brand then you have to select the Business option. After this, you have to enter your business name and logo and after this write the category then the physical address and then click on the continue button to save all information you have entered. After this, you have to upload a page profile and cover image of your business so everyone can see and find it easier for you. After this, there is one message from the company congratulating you on successfully creating your business page. After this all you can start to upload your post related to your business.

Benefits of Creating a Business Page on Facebook

  • It helps your business to take marketing strategy at a low cost.
  • It helps your business to share basic information about your business.
  • It helps to share videos and pictures of your business or your products.
  • It helps your business to provide customer support.
  • It helps your business to target the advertising of your products.

How to Create a Group on Facebook for Your Business

First, go to your company homepage then there you will find a groups option click on that group option. Then you will find an option to create a new group click on that option. And after that enter your group name and then select the privacy option you want to keep publicly or privately click on one option out of them. Then upload a photo on the profile or cover photo. And next add a description of your group for what you created this group so people can understand easily. Then you will get a message from the company congratulating you for successfully creating the group. Then your group is ready for the post you want related to your business.

Benefits of Creating a Group on Facebook for Business-Related

  • It helps to provide personal engagements.
  • It helps to receive immediate feedback on your post from polls.
  • It helps to build a strong business community with an audience.
  • It helps to build trust in the audience by providing good values.
  • It helps your business to reach the highest level by advertising at a low cost.


Instagram is a great way of building your brand community and Instagram is a great platform for your brand advertising such as restaurants, clothing brands, make-up brands, and gyms, etc. Instagram is a must when your products and services are image-based. Instagram is mostly used via mobiles and it is more heavily used by young generations; over 200 million users are between the ages of 18 to 30. 

Instagram is generally designed for customers’ visual appeal and engagement and by using hashtags in getting content right so that users can easily find the posts of your advertised brands and easily they can visit and contact you. Instagram has a massive global presence and popularity so making it appealing for influencers and international brands. If you are thinking of advertising or promoting your brand who sells products and you won’t skip, and you want to hop and you want to create a shop on Instagram so you can make in-app purchases. Instagram from feed posts to features such as IGTV, lives, Instagram reels, and stories will help you to connect visually with your customers or audience. Instagram is a powerful social media proof that makes your products or services much easier and also Instagram shopping features help you to reach your sales goals.

How to Create Business Account from Normal Account

First, go to your profile and click on the menu icon in the right corner. And next click on the setting and tap on the account then there is an option to switch to a business account click on this option. After this, you are officially connected as a business account to a Facebook page that is associated with your business. After this, you have to add details related to your business category and also contact information. This will make it very easy to use all features related to businesses and only the Facebook business page will connect to your business account on Instagram. After doing all things mentioned above then tap on the button “Done” so your business is ready to use and you’re eligible to post or do activities related to business.

Benefits of Creating Business Account

  • It helps you to set up an Instagram shop for business-related purposes.
  • It helps you to access advertising options for your products or brand.
  • It helps to approve branded content tags for your business.
  • It also helps you to promote your business account to get more engagements.
  • It helps you to get more followers or an audience on your page to see your advertising related to business.   


In Twitter, you can make lots of B2B followers as customers so that you can easily be connected with the updated version of Twitter including the B2B terms to attract the attention of the audience. I am always using Hashtags like #B2B to attract and make it easy for followers to find my business page. Twitter is the best for answering concerns or problems in real-time of customers and always keep in mind that you are own crafting your Twitter updates for more effective Twitter marketing.

Twitter offers you the opportunity to “Tweet messages of anything it is related to your brand or of a few sentences in public Tweet” so anyone can see and contact you related to a particular Tweet which you Tweeted publicly. Twitter is good for promoting your brands and related to business things so that users can see you are promoting the brand and will contact you to related business too. Advertising of your brand or business on Twitter will help you to grow your customers and drive traffic to your website and also helps you to promote your products and more. You select your account for promoting to increase new followers or customers and also you can promote individual Tweets to boost the campaign and engagement of your business page for visibility.

How to Create a Business Profile on Twitter

First, you have to sign up on Twitter, go to “” or download a Twitter app from the app store, then there is an option to sign up and tap on that option. And then add information which was asked related to your business profile name and then next adds a phone number or email choice is you’re that by which you have to make an account by email or by mobile number. Then next add the date of birth then click on the Next button then Twitter will give you the option to customize your personalized ads. Then click on the next option again then Twitter will update your information which you mentioned above and then Twitter will ask email or cell phone to verify your account. Then click on ok to verify Twitter will send you a confirmation code entered that code and click on confirm. After this, you have set a password for your business account which only you know sets a 6 or 8 digit password then next click on confirm password option to re-enter and confirm the password. Then update your business profile and cover photo and also logo and then add description or bio and then mention in which thing you are interested in sports or event or music then press ok to confirm. Then next update your Twitter business profile then next start tweeting now you are ready to Twit anything related to your business.

Benefits of Creating a Twitter Business Profile 

  • It helps to Tweet ads related to your business
  • It helps you to monitor your brand
  • It helps you to communicate properly with followers
  • It helps to increase your business brand awareness.
  • It also helps your brand to promote at a high level with a number of engagements.


LinkedIn is a great platform for products and brands or professionals to target B2B companies and also a great platform for B2B lead generation. LinkedIn daily usage is less than compared to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter but LinkedIn is still the best place to network or connect with your industry people and audience. Mostly LinkedIn is used by ages of Between 30 to 49 and you can create a company page and relevant groups related to your brand and products or services.

This platform can not only help you in sales of your brands but it can also help to establish you as a leader and build authority for your products so that you don’t require millions of followers. LinkedIn is also used to make your business an expert by sharing your business knowledge and finding solutions by helping others with their problems using LinkedIn answers to questions. Using LinkedIn tools you are able to fine-tune to reach your targeted customers and also it is a business-focused site depending on your requirements. B2B company’s particulars get more benefits using LinkedIn when you’re posting anything on your LinkedIn page then highlight an actionable tip from post and ask questions to encourage audience conversation.

How to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

First, you have to visit the site LinkedIn then open the homepage there is one option of work click on that option. And next click on create a company page option then you will get the option of page type you have to select which type of business page you want to create for your company such as (small business, and medium to large business, etc). Then next enter your page identity and then enter your company details and also information of profile details. Then you have to check the verification box to confirm that the information of your company you filled in is fully correct. Then click on the option create a page then next click on the options to start building your page you will complete this process then your business page is ready for uses purpose. Now you can use it as your company business related to promoting your business and brands or products.

Benefits of Creating Company Page on LinkedIn 

  • It helps you to share job openings of your company.
  • It helps you to share the content of your company and business-related.
  • It also helps to increase your company’s searchability.
  • It helps to increase more engagement and also it engages with the community of your business.
  • It also helps to share news and ads of your company’s brand or products and helps to increase followers by promoting.

How to Create Business Groups on LinkedIn

 On the first visit to the LinkedIn Group homepage then there is one option that creates a group click on that option. And then next you will get the option of instructions that you have to fill about your company group name and then next description of your business-related then industries relevant groups and then add location. And then next add group rules and regulations and groups discoverability and then next add permission of entering then finally click on edit button icon above group name to upload information and also logo etc. then upload a cover image and then last click on create a button so your group is ready to use for your business and company-related.

Benefits of Creating Business Group on LinkedIn

  • It helps your business to demonstrate your company’s credibility.
  • It helps your business to generate leads.
  • It helps your business to achieve a goal set by the company.
  • It helps you directly communicate with your audience what they want so that you can work.
  • It helps to promote your business at a high level with more engagement of followers and helps to promote your ads of products and brands.
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