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Rank App on Play Store

How to Rank App in Google Play Store

ASO (App Store Optimization) helps you to optimize your mobile application to rank high in the Play store and also ranking higher on the Google play store is everyone`s dream. By deploying best as well as better App Store Optimization practices help you to win the algorithms and also help your app to get a higher ranking on the play store.

If your app visibility is more in the play store then it will increase the chances of downloading your app more and also ASO is the secret weapon to get a high rank in the play store. To get a high rank of your app in the Google play store you can also expand your audience, feel and look at graphics of your play store app and also do comprehensive app store listing that is Google play store optimization and many more.

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The Following Is the Top Ways That Helps Your App to Rank Higher On the Google Play Store

Use Keywords In App`s Title

By using keywords in the first half of the app name or app`s title will increase your android app’s chances to rank higher on the Google play store and also select those targeted keywords that improve your ranking. It does not matter that your app name is long or short but if your app keywords are visible then it increases your chances of ranking higher. You can use only one or two highly targeted keywords that are enough for your app to improve ranking and get top-ranked in the Google play store.

Proper App Description 

There must be a proper app description means users should know that which app they are downloading and what is the use of the app and how it will help them. Add properly targeted keywords in that description as well as ensure that you describe the core functionality of your app in the description so it will help your app to rank high in the play store. Most of the users are reading only the first few lines of the description of your app so it is essential to make those lines very captivating as well as interesting to engross their minds this will help your app to improve its ranking.

Positive Reviews and Rankings

Most of the time your app is not ranking higher on the play store the main reason behind it is due to a lack of enough positive reviews as well as ratings. If your app is getting regularly negative reviews from your audience or users then definitely it will badly harm your app ranking in the Google play store. It is very essential to have positive ratings and reviews from your users and also it is important to have relevance and freshness of rankings. Try to keep your app always updated, increase your app performance, fix the bug issues, etc. to improve the ranking of your app in the play store.

Promo Video and Screenshots

Attach screenshots and videos with your app in the play store this thing will increase your search ranking as well as put an impact on the conversion rate to download that will helps your app to improve rankings. The videos and screenshots you are attaching with your app in the play store must supplement your app’s full descriptions. These things help your audience those who do not prefer reading texts and by doing this it will increase your app downloading as well as helps your app to rank top in search ranking in Google play store.

Feel and Look Graphics of Your App

It is very important to have some high-quality graphics to boost or improve your app ranking on the play store. Graphics Includes such as images, app icon, and screenshots, etc. these things help your app to stand out when search result comes up. The screenshots which you’re attaching must include key benefits and features of your app, your app icon should be inviting, bright, and compelling, try to use targeted keywords in the description and use something that will get user`s attention towards your app and also keeps your app up-to-date and hanging free.

Evolve and Monitor 

It is good for your app to monitor as well as evolve regularly to improve rankings and also continuously monitor progress, remain active on the app store forum and review and release regular updates, fix bugs and respond to reviews, etc. helps your app to get top-ranked in search results. Retention rates are valuable and these above-mentioned things are the only ways to remain on top consistently as well as stay relevant. Monitoring and evolving regularly is the best and easy way for your app to get a high rank in the Google play store.

Understand Your Customer Needs and Market Competition

Marketing research plays a very vital and significant role and before implementing an App Store Optimization strategy for your app it is very essential for you to understand properly your customer needs & wants and your niche in the market or competition. For a clear understanding of this thing then ask yourself a question that how would your users describe your app, what are the keywords your customers targeting and why would a customer use and download your app, etc. by doing this it helps you to rectify your app needs and helps to increase rank in Google play store.

Launch in the Right Category 

It is very crucial to launch your app in the right category to discover your app as well as to get downloads from as much of your audience as possible. First, try to find out which is the most popular category to launch your app and also in which category more apps are downloading and make according to that your app and then launch your app in that category. This will help your app to get top rank and improves your app search ranking in the Google play store. Selecting the right category for launching an app is the best way to make your app more visible to a larger audience.

Ensure Your App Icon Stands Out

It is one of the best as well as a better way to get more hits in Google`s app store by making your app icon visuals stand out from the audience. You can do this thing easily by using effective colors that contrast with visual identity, by creating a brand which is unmistakable as well as quickly recognizable. Take icon, name, and color effects that encourage your users and make them look attractive so it keeps your user’s attention toward your app. So, doing this helps your app to get top-ranked in the Google app store and improves its ranking.

Use Google Android Vitals

Android Vitals is a new feature that is introduced by Google and also it is an integral part of your app store optimization strategy. This new feature Android Vitals helps you to know that your app`s performance is spot-on and also it is a set of app performance indicators. It helps you to know that how much improvement your app required to perform best and make you aware that it is time to update your app etc. These all things help your app to get a higher ranking in search results on the Google play store.


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