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Odoo Website Development

How to Create a Website in Odoo

Odoo is used to creating your web service and website and also this is a very important and useful utility for any website. It helps you to build beautiful websites and also provides powerful modules like Odoo websites and helps you to build a website easily and quickly. It helps you to easily customize as per your standard and requirements and Odoo can create a website in just a few minutes with a few clicks only. By Odoo creating a website can be maintained and created by an individual, business, organizations, and any group to serve a variety of purposes, and also it is a perfect website builder. It helps you to develop any kind or type of website such as school website, company website, E-commerce website and also customer relationship management portal, etc. website you can create through Odoo easily and quickly with few clicks and few minutes.

By Following These Ways You Can Easily Create Website on Odoo

Odoo Website Development

Step: 1

For creating a website in Odoo First of All you have to install the Odoo website module in your database and then next you have to choose Website-> Configuration-> Setting. After the completion of this, you can give your site any domain name you want because the domain name is the address from where internet users can get or reach your website. You can buy your domain name from any popular registrar and it is used because to identify one or more than one IP address and by completing this session now you will be provided the new site`s all set to go.

Step: 2

Now next, you have to visit your homepage to apply for your domain name, and then you have to open your account then next whenever you want to manage the database page then select the manage database option to manage it.

Step: 3

Next for translating your website languages or managing multi-languages, you are required Odoo 13 in that Odoo 13 you can see your website in multiple languages and it helps you to translate your site to various languages as per your standards and requirements. It also offers you the functions of language translate that help language to translate automatically with a single click. For this thing, you have to your website and then you have to click on the add a language option as you want and then add the language you want for translate the website and then click on load option and at last click on the Save button to add the multiples languages.

Step: 4

Now next, after completing the installation and database of your website in Odoo then next you have to select a theme for your site and In Odoo you can easily drop and drag buildings blocks of your site. Whenever you want to customize your website in Odoo then only you have to click on the edit option only after clicking you can easily customize your site in Odoo.

Step: 5

Now next, you have to create or build your new page and for this, you have to click on the NEW option and then select the add page and then enter the name of the new page. After doing this click on the Save button to save your changes and if you want to change your website`s menu then you have to go to the edit menu option from the page section then you can easily edit.

Step: 6

Next, you have to manage your page for this you have to select the manage page option under the page section so by doing this you can easily manage your new page of the website. First, go to the website then select pages then click on the manage page button then click on the save option to save changes. You can easily edit all page properties in manage page section properties such as name and after you can publish through clicking save option.

Step: 7

Now next, you have to optimize SEO for promoting your website so for this, you have to go promote section and then select the SEO to optimize option to promote. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is used to improve your website rank, more visibility of your page and also to improve website traffic, etc. if you want to optimize the SEO of the page then you have to enter the detail of some following fields such as keywords, title name, and description then choose an image for upload on social media after clicking on save option.

Step: 8

Odoo always helps you or facilitates you to manage multi-companies and you already know that multi-companies environment. So every site can be linked to a particular company of your system. So now finally your Odoo website is ready to use and you can use it as you want to use your newly created website through Odoo.

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