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How to Create Backlinks

How to Create Backlinks in 2021 (Guidelines)

Ranking top positions on search engines has never been that simple owing to the stiff competition and ever-evolving SEO strategies and rules. The more inbound links you have, the higher your relevance so search engines will rank your site on top. Backlinks boost not only your online ranks and SEO values but also your site authority making you have a high score. Is it easy to create backlinks? Can everyone do link building? The answer is yes but like any SEO campaign, backlinking requires a strategy that will specifically address the needs of the site, brand, or services being advocated.

Backlinks - Link Building

Here are The Tips to Follow for Creating Backlinks

Backlinking done in the past decade was very different from the one being done nowadays. For example, backlinks from comments, forum posts, and directory submissions used to count a lot in improving website ranks. These backlinks no longer work and instead of adding value, you may even have your site penalized by Google. It should also be noted that ‘do-follow links’ are the ones that value so whenever creating backlinks, always take note of that.

How to Find a Backlinking Opportunity

Getting a site to feature your content links on it is very difficult, especially if you want high authority sites. The process is simple, first, make sure you search your target keyword. Pick the first position result on the search engine and copy the URL. Once you are done, open the ahrefs site and proceed to ‘site explorer’. You should then paste your Url and search it.

You will find all referring domains that link back to the article. All those are perfect for your link to be featured on but you need to first check on domain authority. A wonderful domain authority normally starts at 64 onwards because it means it has a high authority. Once you get the site with high domain authority, you can then look for their email and ask them to feature your links on their site. It’s normally hard to get a reply on such a site because many people are always inquiring from these sites. Always check if the site you are linking has relevance to your anchor texts or target keywords.

Send Requests to Get Your Page Links Featured on High Authority Sites

There are thousands of high authority sites that you can have your content links featured on. Without reaching out to the owners of those sites, you will not be featured on any of them. This means you need to send emails to these people requesting that you would like them to link back to your pages as a reference. How many emails will you send and there are thousands of high authority sites. You can use software systems like ninja outreach, Buzzstream, and Gmass all of which allow you to send hundreds of emails at a go. Even after you send emails, high authority site owners will not directly accept to feature your content links unless you have very powerful content. They normally ask for money or you do a guest posting.

Choose Your Niche If You Want Best Outcomes

Backlinking is done with an intention to increase website traffic & ranking, promote sales leads, and lead to a lot of conversions. Based on your anchor texts, make sure you choose authority sites that have similar content relations. For example, if your website deals with electronics, you should find an authority site dealing with electronics because that is where many potential clients will visit. Being featured on unrelated website niches will not help you achieve your targets on revenue generation because the people visiting those sites have no interest in the kind of products you are selling. For example, you be selling medicines as an online pharmacy and you feature your content link a fashion-related high authority site. People who visit a fashion related site are not interested in medicine or anything to do with medications.

Create Excellent Content That Can Be Used as Reference

There can never be link building without content. Natural links are always considered to be top quality links because you don’t reach out to people to feature your content links on their sites, they just fall in love with your content and feature you on their pages as a reference to prove their points. How do you create excellent content? How will you know that your content can be relied on and be featured by other marketers? First, create a nice content topic and subtopics, and make sure you research industry-related topics before you start writing. Add some statistics, factual data and if possible, include some data that your competitors may not have in similar content topics. As you try to make your content look appealing, don’t forget to include all SEO protocols. If you don’t have an idea about this then you can hire a content writer who knows about SEO and keywords.

Formulate Strategies If You Want to Enhance Your SEO Results

In link building, you want to make sure you achieve a milestone in your SEO campaigns. Backlinks are not like any other campaign because to be successful, you have to please other parties so that you appear relevant. Below are some of the strategies that people use to make sure they create top quality backlinks. Remember it does not happen in a day so you need to be patient and be persistent in your campaigns.

Publish Skyscraper Content

Content that is helpful to people will always be featured on many people’s websites. Take for example you want to create a post that will earn natural backlinks, it means your content needs to attract user attention. You will not need to reach out to people asking them to feature the link to your article on their websites. All you need to do is just publish your content and you will start getting links. An example is if you include an article or a guide about something where people can download and learn. It could be a video guide on how to build backlinks or free SEO tools that people can download and use. You will automatically gunner more readers and a lot of people will link back to you.

Become a Source for Reporters

Help a reporter out remains to be one of the ways to create top quality backlinks. As you help a reporter to find information, your source of information which probably is your site will be featured on those news sites. It could be on the bottom as a reference or in between texts as citations, you will always get a lot of backlinks and clicks back to your website. HARO is nice because besides creating excellent backlinks for you, you are also well-valued by search engines. You end up ranking top on search engines something that can even increase your domain authority.

Use the Required Content Formats

One thing you need to know is that every content format is well outlined. Search engine bots examine content based on the standards set by the search engines so if your content is somehow not in the expected order, you will end being undervalued. Even getting social shares and links will be a problem so make sure your content is well structured to meet the required formats. Deviation from the expected content format may cost your results immensely.

Create Ultimate Guides

Ultimate guides are backlink magnets because people like to deal with or associate themselves with enriching content. You will be surprised to see people’s natural linking to your content. When creating guides, first create a heading outline where people can see in short what you want to discuss in your ultimate guide. Write your guide as if you are explaining to a small kid so that you understand every detail about all the topics. Enriching and resourceful content will lead to top quality backlinks being created for your content.

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