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Why Link Building is Important for SEO?

Every online businessman/woman wishes his/her website to get the first rank in the Google search engine. That’s the ultimate wish, but that does not happen to all as it’s a long and consistent process to get your page ranked on Google’s first page. However, it is not impossible entirely – Link Building service is the way to reach your goal.

Through this article, we’ll guide you on what is link building and how it will benefit your website in various different ways. We have divided the entire articles into easy-to-digest chapters to give complete and comprehensive details of everything Link Building.

1. What is Link Building?

Link building is a process to enhance your page or website’s online presence through acquiring a hyperlink from other websites. The hyperlink, also known as a link, is the finest way to navigate users between pages. Link building is the finest way to getting your page or website ranked higher in the Google search engine.

Google considers your page when it gets a reference from third party websites. So, the more you get hyperlinks from other websites to your own, the higher visibility chances it will for your web pages to get ranked in the search engine. The search engine uses the link to crawl the web and it involves many techniques for building links. That’s why link building is equally difficult and SEO experts believe that it is the most difficult task that they want to achieve mastery in.

2. Reasons Why Link Building Is Important for SEO

Before you dive deep into the importance of link building, first you need to have the basis of how a link is created. A link has generally two main parts;

1.       Link Referral Location

2.       Visible/Anchor Text of Link

When you create a post, generally, the title content of the post is automatically converted into a link, though you can change this based on the suitable keywords.

Link Referral Location: It indicates that the following link or URL is hosted by the ‘link referral location. Well, the link can be of anything; it can be the link to an image, or to file download. When you get a link with a # sign, it will take you to the different pages of the same website you are already in.

Visible or Anchor Text of Link: Users can find a little bit of text, mostly with keywords that help users confidently click on the link, assuming that they will find some relevant content inside the link (URL). The URL is also an important factor that an SEO person should think over.

3. Importance of Link/URL for Search Engine

As we have already mentioned that URL contains the defined keywords and that actually help Search engine in two fundamental ways.

1.       To find new web pages

2.       To help a search engine decide how perfectly the link justifies the result

In fact, the quality of the link decides if it is well fitted to get rank in search engines. It happens when the page is crawled on the web and add a page to indexes after extracting it from the referral link. Now it is the search engine that has to take future action such as it will decide if enough and justifying quality content to get rank for the particular keywords. Google has explained the entire process through this video. (HyperLink:

Link building Benefits

4. Benefits of Link Building for Web Pages

On the benefits front of link building, you have plenty of aspects to consider and they are highly practical and effectively provides your page long-lasting success. Link building is very significant, in terms of giving the signal to the search engine and help it to assign the value based on the quality of the content. In the following paragraphs, we’ll be talking about the benefits you get with effective link building service.

Building Relationship: Link building also relates to building a relationship. That is possible when you outreach to other website pages from your industry. When you outreach, to say, we get a link, but we have plenty of other benefits. It makes your website popular and helps you build a long-lasting relationship. Long-term relationship means a lot.

Get More Referral Traffic: What happens you get named by the highly respected person from your society, town, or country. Simply suppose that President Trump praises you for your good cause. No doubt, it will take a new turn in your life, isn’t it? Well, we hyped it a bit just to make my point comprehensive. But, think if you get a referral link from the most popular website or highly visited website. It will definitely provide floods of traffic.

Brand Building: When you get good link building, then it not only help your website get ranks but also establishes your brand. The link building technique such as content creation. The content on the page will help people know you and your company’s expertise. That’s the way forward to build your brand.

When we talk so much about a link then it does not mean that link is everything in SEO, there are so many factors that play a crucial role to get your page ranked in search engine. Here are some of the top reasons, apart from link building that plays an integral role to get going your page on the top of the ranking page.

Search Engine Assign Value to the Link Based on;

Global Popularity: Web page ranking largely depends on how popular and important the site/link is.

Topic-Specific Popularity: If your site deals in technology and you publish yellow page content, then it has no relevance, and searches better understand this. The local popularity helps the search engine find if the shared link relates to the topic-specific community.

Anchor Text: Anchor text is very crucial to get your page right on the top of the search engine. If a large number of links points to a page using a catching keyword, the page’s probability is comparatively higher.

Similarly, there are many things that matter most in terms of getting a page ranked on the search engine. Some of the common reason that helps your page get rank on the search engine include;

·  Trust Factor

·  Link Neighbourhood

·  Quality of the Content

·  Popularity on Social Media


Link building brings lots of goodies for your business. It helps you successfully achieve your business goal and make your brand most trusted in the industry. I hope this content helps you understand the significance of link building. If you come across any updates or have any queries, you can contact us. We appreciate your time.

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