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Link Building Tips

Link Building Tips You Can Use to Increase Rankings

Link building has become instrumental in increasing web rankings and generating traffic. The tips to use in creating links depend on the resources you have, the niche of your business and how competitive your industry is. New sites may have a hard time earning inbound links so marketers to link builders need to be a lot more aggressive in their campaigns. If link building is done in a perfect and strategic manner, it can add a great value to your website’s Search Engine Optimization, SEO. Below are tips you can use to make sure you get more inbound links.

Create Enriching and Top-Quality Content

Content is the ultimate asset that you can use to attain relevance from bloggers and other online marketers. How-to-guides, videos, images, and blogs are some of the contents you can create to entice your audience.

People who find your content to be relevant, interesting, funny, informative and in any way useful, they link to your content. Inbound links that are naturally obtained prove your site to be useful. With influential content, it will reach a point where you will not need to ask for any link. People would be naturally linking to your site. create quality content and get a lot of linking root domains.

Guest Posting on High Authority Sites

Approaching other sites and requesting them to publish your content is one of the ways of getting links. The quality and reliability of your content are what determines how successful your guest posting interventions would be. Google noticed that people are creating low-quality content for the sake of creating inbound links. Sites may be penalized if the content is seen by Google to be of low quality. Take your time and make sure you create top quality niche related content. Publish content on the appropriate sites.

Ego Bait Link Building

Some people are influential, they have a lot of followers and they can command an audience with a very simple intervention. Featuring such people in your content can elevate their interest making them to either create an outbound link on their pages to your site or share your content link to their followers. An example is when you talk about Patel, the SEO guru, and entice him to the extent that he shares your content.

You will get a lot of followers and visits back to your site. Your topics must be trendy and top quality for you to win the person’s attention. Once you are featured as a resource page, you stand a chance of ranking high and getting more traffic to your site.

Practice Broken Link Building Strategy

Broken link building strategy is a white-hat, scalable, content-focused link building strategy that targets at replacing broken links with new ones. What you do is that you look for broken links, create new content and do a fresh link building exercise that will place your site at a better position. Live functional links are always perfect because they bring more clicks thereby increasing traffic. There are lots of tactics about broken link building strategy so you need to update your knowledge before you begin.

Do Serious Link Reclamation

In link reclamation, you are trying to revalidate the links to your webpages that do not add any SEO value. Most of these links yield an error 404 when clicked meaning the page doesn’t exist so it needs to be recreated or the link should be removed. Open Site Explorer is one of the tools you can use to examine your links and know which ones need to be reclaimed. Non-linking brand mentions and non-linking images are some of the links you should reclaim.

Proper Use of Keywords

Every content your writer addresses certain questions from your audience. The phrases that people search for online when looking for content is what is called keywords. Use keywords properly in the content where you want to create links on. It will increase organic traffic and boost your search appearances. Keywords must be related to the content you create to prevent misleading users. You can do keyword research and find competitive keywords before you start writing content. Proper keywords and proper content are all ingredients of excellent SEO performance.


Link building is an involving endeavor and you may not have the pre-requisites and creativity to make top quality links. For this reason, you need the Best SEO Company that has experience and expertise in link building. Make sure to focus on DA 80+ and above for you to get more clicks and traffic.

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