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Write SEO Friendly WordPress Content

How to Write SEO Friendly WordPress Content (Step by Step)

Creating content is always an attempt to generate organic traffic to a website. Content is the brand’s voice online so if it is well created, more people will understand what is being offered and why. Many people regard content writing as just a way of typing words and filling the number of words. Content pages play more than just informers, they are the ones that mimic customer interests and yield conversions making you generate sales and referrals. This means poorly written content will always not play any role on your website and you may end up not making any sales. So how do you create content, how do you know your content is SEO friendly?

Understanding SEO Friendly Content and How to Create It

Marketers think that SEO content is all about including keywords in their content pages. That is what people have been meant to believe but SEO is more advanced than that trick most people want to practice. First, you need to understand that content must be structured into SEO standards for it to be relevant. WordPress has the tools that can enable you to create SEO friendly rather than just inserting keywords and creating original contents. If you don’t know how to write then you can also concern the expert content writer who knows all the stuff accordingly.

Formulate Keywords and Topic First

On the niche of the content that you are writing, search online to find the top-rated contents. Take for example you are writing on Top Mobile Phones India 2019, search that title and select from the first five or three results. Once you get the results, you can use keyword finder to find out the keywords that make that content to rank top. You will be presented with all keywords plus the search volume. Select the most searched keyword and make sure you also select other keywords that are also mostly searched online. Now that you have competitive keywords, it is time for you to make sure you create topics.

Formulate Topics

You now have the keywords; it is time for you to make sure you formulate topics. In topic, formulation makes sure it looks like the one you have fetched the keyword from but don’t be too exact. Make it look current so that your content looks up to date. For example, you can say Best mobile phones India 2019. Remember the topic you form must not be that long as well because WordPress controls how people form topics. Once you see a red line has been indicated on the WordPress warning bar, you need to know your topic is longer than required.

Observe These Rules for a Perfect Content

Like indicated above, SEO content is not like any other, it has rules and these are some of the rules that you need to include if you want your content to be one of a kind and rank top on search engines.

  • The focus keyword should be in the Url link of the article
  • The focus keyword should be included in the title
  • Your Focus keyword should be included in the first paragraph
  • Include your focus keyword in your meta description
  • Focus keyword must be in H1 and other subsequent headings
  • Long-tail keywords must be included in your content
  • Be careful not to exceed the required keyword density

Know-How to Craft Content If You Want Best Outcomes

Content needs to be appealing to the reader to make sure it is shared and liked by many people. To create such content, first, make sure you develop sensational subtopics that will be attractive to the reader. If you don’t create excellent subtopics, the content will be boring and no one will be willing to even shared it or like it for that matter. You can still get hints on subtopics when you check on the content that is on top of the search results.

Don’t include long paragraphs, keep your paragraphs short and make sure you keep nice headings. Long paragraphs make the content to look like an essay which makes the whole content seem like an essay. To be on the perfect side, make sure you always re-read your content so that you end up bringing out the best points that people will always find substantial to read.

SEO friendly articles or content is not hard to create but how much SEO knowledge do you have. First, make sure you always update your skills on SEO knowledge and if possible, watch the current Google trends on the quality and type of content they are looking for before you write yours.

Know-How to Perfectly Use WordPress

WordPress is a content management platform that is equipped with tools to enable people to publish SEO friendly content. Some of these tools of content creation are incorporated as plugins that you can attach to your WordPress account and use them to develop your content. How can you use WordPress and make sure your content is top quality? Below are some of the ways WordPress can be used to make content wonderful. Just make sure you give it time as you write so that it analyzes your content and displays all mistakes that could be in your content.

Readability of Your Content

Through Yoast, you can check whether your content is readable or not. There is a readability score that you need to achieve for your content to be readable. Once the Yoast button turns green, you will know that your content is readable so you are able to make excellent SEO impact. Readability is determined by many things such as grammar, sentence structure and how the content has been arranged. Work on your article until readability, passive voices and sentence structure is within required protocols.

Keyword Usage

WordPress has a way of analyzing content keywords and how they have been used based on SEO principles. To make sure you remain in the perfect place and SEO value, make sure you follow the pop-ups correcting your keyword usage so that you make your content relevant to your search engines. Remember WordPress is automated to eliminate all key SEO mistakes so you need to make sure your content abides by all set protocols if you wish to create excellent content that will make you rank top always. Keep your content in line and if you see the green buttons on various indicators are now showing, you need to know something is wrong. Make use of H1, H2, and H3 and if possible, ensure you include the keywords as described above.

Include Pictures and Illustrations Where Possible

Every content needs to be backed up by pictorial content to enable readers to get enticed and attracted to it. The flicker is one of the sources where people can source pictures for their content on WordPress. You need a plugin that can add photos to your content. Any photo that you feature in your media will be stored in your gallery. You can put content descriptions to ensure you understand the content on every part that you insert. Pexels is also another way to make sure you source images for your content. All images are free unless you want to include images from premium sites.

Illustrations are your own creative designs that will make your readers to easily understand your content and what you are trying to put across. This will enable your readers to understand your content and share it or even like it. Creating illustrations need extreme creativity to ensure you reveal what you are trying to mean on all your contents. Infographic content is also another way to explain your content to your audience. Sometimes reading texts is boring but images may attract more readers because they can just look at images and illustrations and like your content.

Other WordPress Features Worth Looking for Before You Create Your Content

First is the Google search console. As indicated earlier, you are writing this content because you want to make sure you rank top on the search engine. The Google search console is important because it gives you a clear picture of how search engines will look at your content and view it. To be on the perfect side, make sure you add Google search console so that you keep your content search engine friendly.

Add XML sitemap. It helps map out the structure of every page that you have on your website. This makes it easy for search engine bots to look at your site and rank you. without a site map, your website will be regarded as a random page collection that cannot perfectly be ranked. Besides these, it is important to make internal linking a habit because you will be able to make excellent outcomes at all times.

Optimization of Your Content

Content optimization is important because that is what will make your content not only to be WordPress friendly but also SEO friendly. Always make sure you follow the best SEO principles and practices so that you make your content fruitful to your SEO campaigns.


WordPress friendly content is the start of hammering more visits organically to your site. Take your time and make sure you make your content in the most adorable way possible.

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