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Health Guest Post

100+ Health Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Let me tell you first, what is Health Guest Posting?

In a simple sentence, health guest posting is all about writing quality content and publish on someone else health authority website which has some good DA, PA, TF, and traffic. That calls natural link building.

If you are looking for the authority health guest posting sites for your business then we have healthcare guest post sites where we can publish your content with your backlinks.

Below are a few commands that we used and you can do the same:

  • health guest posting sites
  • health guest post
  • “health guest blog”
  • health “accepting guest posts”
  • “submit guest post” + “health”
  • health guest posting sites
  • health USA sites
  • health sites
  • health “accepting guest posts”
  • health “write for us”
  • health + write for us + guest post
  • health blogs that accept guest posts
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  • health + write for us
  • health inurl:”write for us”
  • health + intitle:“write for us”
  • health + intitle:“contribute to”
  • health + intitle:“submit” + inurl:blog
  • health “guest post” / keyword “write for us”
  • health Intitle: guest Post
  • health Intitle: advertise
  • health “guest *” blog

By replacing the keywords and strings I have found 100+ health guest posting sites. I outreached all and I am a good author of all those sites.

Publishing content to a blog is one of the result-driven internet marketing options with easy accessibility. A new review showed 86% of health and medical services experts are willing to produce content as blog posts to share clinical data. Without sufficient website promotion, your blog will not have the option to withstand genuine rivalry. So, health guest posting is the best option for content marketing and drive traffic to your website.

Here are some important guidelines from Google:

Google now wants you to mark it as sponsored for the paid links. Not just in the text of the site, but more so through the link attribute:


And for user-generated content, they want you to mark the links with the attribute:


The same goes for site owners. Because it also user-generated content website.

We can use the Nofollow attribute Or with a combination if you have a paid link you can use:

Rel=”nofollow sponsored”

Guest posting is the main link-building technique that everyone is using right now. So, as per the query on Google’s “health accepting guest posts” “health guest post” “health + guest post submission” from readers, I am sharing authority health blogs that accept guest posts.

Health Guest Post Sites

Here are the 100+ Authority Health Blogs Where We can Publish your Contents: (Sponsored Guest Posts Only)

Health Guest Post Sites We Have:

Websites Link Google Index Price
DA 15+ Dofollow Yes $20 – $30
DA 30+ Dofollow Yes $50 – $80
DA 40+ Dofollow Yes  $90 – $120
DA 50+ Dofollow Yes $150 – $200
DA 70+ Dofollow Yes $250+


Why Health Guest Posting is Good for Health Businesses?

  • Health guest posting is one of the leading strategies to get rank on specific keywords and increase traffic on your website if you go with the relevant health niche website.

What types of health backlinks provide by ALVI Web Tech?

  • We have many authority sites in health, fitness, weight loss, food, and many more niches.

What are the key clients of ALVI Web Tech in the health industry?

  • Pharmica, Medesk, Healthlabs.

What are the average charges of ALVI Web Tech for creating health backlinks?

  • $50-$500 for each guest post.

Contact Us Directly Via Email for Health Guest Posting Service: (Real Clients Only)

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