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SEO Backlinks Package for CBD

Link Building for CBD SEO – 100+ CBD Backlinks, Cannabis Backlinks

Whether you own a CBD website, a direct online sales website, or a website for local shops dealing in CBD, Cannabis, and other products, then you have a long battle ahead to win. If you are selling your products through a digital platform, then the most significant issue you come across is most advertising networks may not entertain your business as they lump it in with the tobacco trade. So, if you don’t get your website exposure to Search Engine advertising and no paid social media advertising, then it will be tough for you to achieve your business goal in the given time frame.

So, if you wish to take your CBD website to Google, you have one way out to do so and that is Backlinks –as many backlinks as possible. Gaining links for your website from other web pages can help you attain your goal. We can help you achieve it.

ALVI Web Tech is your one-stop solution, offering CBD Backlinks for all businesses including black seed oil shops, e-liquid, manufacturers, brands dealing in the vape, and also vape wholesalers. We have created an absolute and transparent package which means what we make promises will be delivered successfully.

We are a team of 5 with excellent expertise who hold more than 7 years of experience in SEO link-building. They understand every nitty-gritty of SEO and link building and provide a service that suits your business requirements. In short, we offer personalized and bespoke SEO services. We have hundreds of websites in our connection and we are confident enough to take your business to the success heights.

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Our Objective: We Deliver What We Promise

We have worked with hundreds of clients from across the globe and helped them get their objectives successfully fulfilled. Here are our top objectives to help you with;

Client Review on ALVI Web Tech Clutch Profile
Our Client Feedback

We help reach your competitor following the true SEO Backlinks practices, such as;

  • Increasing the websites’ domain authority and metrics
  • Bringing your website to the top of search engine rankings
  • Increase Customer Engagement and Boost sales
  • Help you scale up your business
  • Last but not least, helps you achieve your business goal in the given goal

Our Packages and What It Includes

As we have already mentioned, we have personalized Backlink Packages that you can choose based on your needs. You can check the packages right here.

Websites Link Google Index Price
DA 15+ Dofollow Yes $60 – $80
DA 30+ Dofollow Yes $100 – $120
DA 40+ Dofollow Yes  $150 – $200
DA 50+ Dofollow Yes $250 – $300
DA 70+ Dofollow Yes $350+

We have a range of websites and guest posting sites in contacts from which you will be getting Do-Follow links.

  • (Note: This is just an example image, We have 250+ websites where we can post your content.)
CBD Backlinks, Cannabis Backlinks

Make sure all are paid sites, once you click on the link then you need to do a request the sheet access.

Here is the website list:


Why CBD/Cannabis guest posting is good for businesses?

Answer: CBD/Cannabis guest posting is one of the leading strategies to get rank on specific keywords, increase traffic on your website, and increase sales of your products if you go with the relevant niche website.

What types of backlinks are provided by ALVI Web Tech?

Answer: CBD Backlinks, Cannabis Backlinks, Marijuana Backlinks, Hemp Backlinks.

What are the key clients of ALVI Web Tech in the CBD, Cannabis, industry?

Answer: BlackSeedOil, Legalcartsstores, and more.

What are the average charges of ALVI Web Tech for creating health backlinks?

Answer: $50-$500 for each guest post.

Final Words

ALVI Web Tech has been serving our clients across the world. We are a master in Link building and making websites rank on various search engines. You can check our portfolio for your reference. If you want to rank your CBD site on Google and other search engines, then you can take services and get guaranteed services and solutions.

Contact Us for CBD/Cannabis/Marijuana Guest Posting Service

We are providing CBD Backlinks, Cannabis Backlinks, Marijuana Backlinks, Hemp Backlinks, and many more. You can simply contact us at for the CBD, Cannabis, Marijuana backlinks service.

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ALVI Web Tech is an Award-Winning Digital Marketing Company in India and Our goal is to provide the Best SEO Services and improve the overall growth of the client’s business in the online marketing world.
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