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How to Promote YouTube Videos & Channels for More Views

You are already aware about YouTube is alike other social media platforms which are regularly or constantly changing. And also you know that YouTube`s funny video collection continues to grow daily basis. Last many years YouTube has become a go-to place for business, for marketers, and brands, and also for influencers. So many companies or organizations use YouTube for promoting their content and also YouTube is the best addition to any marketing strategy.

If you want to use it as much as effectively then you need to get eyes on your subscribers and videos for your channels without spending lots of money. If you want to promote YouTube videos and channels for more views then use SEO, it is the easiest way to promote your YouTube videos and channels because it is the second largest search engine all over the world after Google.

Here are 8 tips to promote YouTube videos and channels for more views

YouTube Marketing

Optimize Your Videos for Visibility

You already know that YouTube is the second largest search engine all over the world because people search to solve their problems on YouTube just like Google. While you promote videos and channels think about your videos that need to be optimized in terms of tags and keywords etc. if you want to increase viewers on your YouTube videos and channels then there must be titles and descriptions, engagement, mention keywords in your videos, and categories and also tags in your YouTube channels and videos.

Figure Out What Your Audience Wants 

If you want to promote YouTube videos and channels to increase viewers then figure out what your audience wants by making sure that any type of video you publish is aligned with what your audiences want. If you are going to promote your YouTube channel then you should also look at your other video creators to see which kind of their videos get the most engagement and views. This thing gives you an idea of what style of videos your audience prefers and YouTube gives you detailed information of what is audience location, demographics, and helpful stats that helps you while making videos.

Target Google Search Results  

If you are promoting YouTube videos and channels for more views then target Google search results because YouTube is killing when it comes to SEO. Especially target that words that are searched in Google. Product review and how-to short and long-form videos covering keywords and specific topics that tend to rank high in search engine pages. If you are planning for content ideas on trending word buzz in your company then consider how you can do your YouTube channels marketing.

Be Honest and Valuable Always  

Be honest and valuable always when you promote YouTube videos and channels for more views don`t post nonsense and irrelevant stuff. You don`t want that your audience will be disappointed by your irrelevant stuff so posting relevant stuff is the best way of keeping your audience under your side. For more views, your videos should be innovative, entertaining, unique, and also most significantly. Always ensure that your videos must have real value by this you will get a long-term partnership with your audience.

Know Your Customers 

Always know what your customers want when you’re promoting YouTube videos and channels for more views by looking at what they required. Whichever types of videos you’re creating you need to ensure that it is aligned and in sync with their demands. Whether it is video content or blog you always need to know before creating that your audience pretty well and you create that type of content they need and want to see. If you want to promote your YouTube video and channels you have to look at your competitor’s strategies too.

Make a Playlists

If you make a playlist for promoting YouTube videos and channels more views then it is the best way to get people watching more of the content of your video in one go. This is because these collections are a small addicting so by that one video will end then as soon as the next one will begin. Playlists also help you with discoverability and the videos which are in a playlist are appears in the suggested videos column on YouTube. Playlists titles are the best and better place to add some keywords.

Promote Your Channel Not Only Your Videos 

When you are promoting your YouTube videos then promote your channel too because take advantage by promoting your channels with your videos as a whole. Link your account wherever you want to or you can and always push for subscribers this thing will help your channels and videos to rank higher in Google searches as well as in YouTube. So promote channels also not only videos for more views.

Add a Proper Title & Description 

If you are promoting your YouTube videos and channels for more views then there should be a description option so by this you can describe or share information with your viewers and it is the best place to add more keywords so by this you can rank high on YouTube search result. You need to add some important keywords and related ones in your description column.

Take it for example, if you are posting a video related to the new movie coming out so you have to mention in the description the movie`s name and characters name and some extra keywords such as new movie name and also production name that releasing that movie.

Social Media Marketing

There are many popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and many more where you can create separate pages for your channel and you can promote your YouTube video over there. You can share your video over relevant groups of social media and get more views and subscribe. If you are confused about social media then you can check out our article Facebook VS Twitter VS Instagram VS LinkedIn for more ideas.

Try Google Campaigns

If your video is properly optimized then you can try Google Ads to get more views and subscribe because there is a way where you can invest and get instant results. It all depends on your prospects after video optimization. If you have a good budget then you can try on it.


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