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WordPress Website Design

WordPress Website Design Practices to Follow 2022

WordPress is one of the most and incredibly popular CMS (Content Management System) platforms and also website builders of all time. WordPress has emerged as the most manageable and accessible CMS solution owing to its reliability, security, and ease of use, and also SEO revealed that WordPress has 27, 40,000 searches. If you are using WordPress while making a website then your clients will see you as a one-man army and also help to improve your website`s visibility, functionality, mobile readiness, and impact. WordPress is a dynamic platform that can be utilized for making anything such as a fashion blog, B2B website and helps to turn into an e-commerce website. It has opened many possibilities for developers as well as for designers at the same time.

WordPress Website Design

The Following Is the WordPress Website Design Practices to Follow

Stock Up On Interesting Images

Images play a vital role in the aesthetic makeup of a website and don`t forget to optimize and refine images as per the web pages of your WordPress Website when you are uploading images. Always try to use interesting images or pictures to show or tell your story and also a website with appealing images give a far more professional and complete look. So, try to stock up on interesting images to make your website look more interesting.

Custom Fonts and Typography

Use readable sans serif fonts such as times roman now or Verdana to help your brand`s voice when your website has custom typography and also the font should be out when displayed on a colored image and background. Always try to choose a custom font that suits your brand and also you can easily find a variety of Plugins to use with your WordPress Website. When you will choose a font as a designer then looks at its readability on mobile as well as on desktop.

A Compatible WordPress Website 

Make your WordPress Website compatible and responsive with responsive WordPress themes so it can help your website to compatible with all devices like mobile phones, desktops, tablets and also laptops, etc. Try to make mobile-friendly websites because these websites are more search engine friendly and also it is essential because more and more publics are accessing websites from their handheld devices.

Always Make Your Website Updates in Test Environment 

You have to use a test environment to update your WordPress website to eliminate unnecessary risk and to keep your WordPress Website safe as well as secure you are required to update periodically. It is best to update your WordPress site in a safe and secure test environment and don`t make direct changes to your live website because it causes your website to crash. Also, check your WordPress website`s functionally before updating your live website.

Always Update Your Plugins and Themes

It is the best and most common WordPress Website Design Practice because it is very important for both website security as well as speed. Always update your plugins and themes to ensure they are running like they should be and also they are up to date. So, this is the right time to audit your Plugins and themes because outdated or old versions can have vulnerabilities that put your website at risk so it is essential to update your themes and Plugins.

Use White Space Clean Design 

It is very essential to use white space and also it is the main principle of great and best design because you put too much information in a small amount of space only. The main goal or objective is to highlight the most essential videos, headlines, and also images with white space. Also, your website design can seem disorganized when you have so much white space and if you crowd the white space then the area of design becomes unreadable also it is important to have enough white space.

Add Readable Permalinks on Your Website

Always try to add readable permalinks or permanent URLs on your WordPress Website that is direct the user to a specific page when surfing. WordPress website`s standard format for permalinks is and also you can change this link format the idea behind changing this link is to make it SEO friendly as well as more readable permalinks. Changing format of permalinks is This change helps your website to get ranking in search results and makes easily readable links.

Always Try to Make Content Easily Accessible

Make content easily accessible because a large number of people hitting your content carefully which is constructed as well as heading straight for the virtual door in online design. Making content easily accessible helps your website to increase organic traffic and SEO ranking and if you choose the poor layout, low-quality content, lack of search options, and also old plain irrelevant then it will decrease your organic traffic and also SEO rankings. Also, keep the navigation label-friendly to avoid confusion.

Find Your Favorite Tools

Always find or select favorite tools it means is all about helping you to have an efficient year as well as more productive when you are building your client’s WordPress Website. Also, do a little bit audit of all the favorite tools you use for the site to improve workflow and simplify the numbers of WordPress Plugins, add-ons, themes, extensions, and also apps, and simplifying also improves your workflow. Finding or selecting favorite tools helps you to make unique as well as SEO-friendly sites for your customers.

Try to Create a Website That Is Easy To Share

Always try to create or build a WordPress website that is easy and worth sharing so it helps to send content easily. This practice helps your website to easily share socially at the right location and also add well links so that it can be easy for your users or clients. Creating easily accessible websites helps to increase your website users and makes your site rank higher socially as well as SEO rankings.


We are ALVI Web Tech and we are providing best practices to follow for WordPress website design which helps your website to get a higher ranking on SEO results and also helps you to create an easily accessible website for your clients or users so they will not face any difficulties and problems. If you are required best and professional practices for WordPress Website Design then contact us.

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