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Top Blogs That Accept Guest Posts in 2020

When it comes to creating the best inbound marketing strategy, guest blogging is an only vital tool to improve your business. Guest blogging is important for many reasons. For example, even if you are a blogger, people or your readers will not trust you if you go about anything by yourself. Blogs with multiple authors are believed to be more credible.

In short, if you want authority, a significant increase in traffic, relevant and reliable links, higher leaders, and sales in your business, you have one way to achieve this. And, that is guest blogging. It is like someone saying something good about you and that is more effective than anything else.

So, if you have a business and have set a higher goal, then guest blogging is one of the finest ways to achieve this. In this article, I have provided a roundup of top authority blogs, detailing what types of content they accept and how we can help you make it happen.

Here are Top Authority Blogs That Accept Guest Posts in 2020

1. Mashable

Mashable is one of the best multi-platform media and entertainment company which allows authors to publish trending topics including technologies, innovations, culture, worth reading entertainment, and much more. It has a huge number of users and readers and that can turn anything into positive events.

If you are looking to publish your website link here, we can help you do it effectively. Let’s connect.


Success magazine publishes anything and everything inspiring, related to business, motivation, personal development, well-being, and much more. Your website link in its blog can earn you a good reputation and increase traffic and conversion rates. It helps your users find some useful stories, inspiring stuff by world leaders, and more. Importantly, the website also publishes your previously published work. Therefore, keep the portfolio ready before you send your content.

We at ALVI Web Tech help you publish your website link on this website and get authority. Contact us for more details.

3. Inc. Studio

The Inc. Studio is all about offering a wide range of informative content from various sectors including technology, innovation, Money, Researched article, special reports, creative videos, and more. Having published your website authority on this site can make something valuable. The website is very specific about the content it publishes. It requires expertly finished contents that properly placed links.

We ensure to publish your website here on this website. Let’s connect now.

4. Entrepreneur Media

The website Entrepreneur Media has a huge user base and publishes quality content related to wealth, tech, startups, and women. Your website link on this platform can earn some good fortune for your business.

ALVI Web Tech ensures that you get your link published here and get effective results. Contact Us now.

5. The New York Times

The New York Times is one of the most reputed newspapers which publishes wide varieties of contents and everyday incidents, trending happenings, latest technologies, Science, health, arts, lifestyle, and more. It’s a good website to publish your link. It has a large user base worldwide.

Contact to get your website link published at The New York Times.

6. HuffPost

Huffpost, Do you want to achieve something remarkable? That’s the platform to get your wish properly paid. Yes, the portal offers some informative content to users worldwide. It covers a diverse range of topics including the latest happenings, politics, technology, entertainment, lifestyle, personal, videos, and shopping. You have opportunities to take your website link to customers around the world.

Let’s make this happen and we help you achieve it. Connect now.

7. Lifehack

Lifehack aims to offer insightful perspectives, practical actions, and uplifting messages to its readers. It offers to publish content related to Memory, Learning, and Creativity. It can be a good platform to expand the business sphere of influence, though it requires a lot of effort to have your link at the website.

We do it (publish your website link) with all our possible means. Contact us for more details.

8. The VERGE

When it comes to finding information related technology, get tech reviews, read science stories, find entertainment news and videos, then The VERGE comes at the top of most influential lists of websites. It offers news and information relates to all the fields mentioned above. If one wants to publish one’s contents, then it requires quality which we successfully provide.

If you want to publish your website link at The VERGE website, then ALVI Web Tech can help you make it happen. Connect now.

9. Business 2 Community

Business2Community is one of the most reputed digital marketing sites which accepts blogs on anything newsworthy, user-centric, trending tops, technologies, innovations, and more. Importantly, the site shares your previous sample of work and that huge benefits for your website to earn authority.

We can help you promote your business through useful and relevant content or publish your blogs on this site. Contact us to get more details.


USA TODAY is one of the best multi-platform news and information media companies, offering a diverse range of topics from fields of sports, entertainment, technology, money, travel, weather, the latest happenings, and more. Your website here in the USA TODAY can really create differences. We understand and write the type of content they publish on their site.

Contact us today to get your link published here.

11. TechCrunch

As the name suggests, TechCrunch offers everything technology. The website offers quality technology, business news, and various other latest happenings from similar fields. It has a huge user base worldwide. They accept third party content with authentic sources. We can do promote your business link there at the TechCrunch.

Let us help you achieve your business goal. Drop us a line here.

12. Forbes

Once you are able to publish your website link here at Forbes, you get immense exposure to your business before the world. The website invites contents related to technology, innovation, leadership, money, business, startups, lifestyle, popular lists, latest happenings, researches, and more.

If you really wish to publish your content or website link, we can help you. Let’s connect.

13. The Next Web

TNW is one of the finest platforms or promotes your business. It’s a storytelling company that utilizes its online platform as well as stages and one to one to bridge the gap between brands and users.

We have helped you make this happens by publishing your website here at The Next Web. Contact Us.

14. Wired

WIRED is the best platform to publish news related to business, culture, gear, ideas, science, and more. Wired offers exclusive content to its users around the world. It invites quality content written with proper research and authentic sources.

We do it. Let’s connect to get your website authority from the WIRED website.

15. Digital Trends

Users who look for everything innovative, Digital Trends is the place to find. Yes, the website publishes trending news and innovation related technology. It publishes product news, reviews, latest happenings, guides, deals, and more.

We at ALVI Web Tech make sure that you get your links successfully published on the site. Contact us for more details.

16. VB

VentureBeat is one of the leading source of information related technology. You name a technology, the website is ready to provide you the latest news happenings. Some of the top topics it covers include;

GamesBeat Entrepreneur
AI Esports
AR/VR Marketing
Big Data Media
Business Mobile
Cloud PC Gaming
Commerce Security
Dev Social

If you wish to get your website link published at VB, then we can help you do it. Contact us now.

17. Engadget

The website Engadget offers quality news, information, a guide from various segments including entertainment, technology, gadgets, and more. It is popular worldwide with thousands of users and reaches. You can have a great business opportunity here by publishing your website link.

We support and help you publish your website link here and get the best inbound marketing benefits. Email Us.

18. Today

If you are something to share from Food, Style, Health & Wellness, Parenting, Home, Pop Culture, Shop, and more, then Today is the website for you. It offers quality exposure to your business with an excellent range of user networks.

We at ALVI Web Tech ensures that your website link is published at the highest authoritative site. Get in touch now.

19. CBN

CBN is the first Christian television station in Virginia, providing new and information related to the latest happenings, inspiring stories, spiritual stories, teachings, and more. We understand the quality and type of contents the website accepts to publish.

We can help you promote your business at high authority. Get in touch with us to know more.

20. Thriveglobal

If you are looking to utilize the largest content platform to publish your work with the website link, then Thriveglobal is the place for you. It accepts quality contents from a wide range of fields including, technology, lifestyle, health, entertainment, home, and more.

Let’s connect today to get your website link published here at your desired platform. Contribute your time here.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the top lists of the website which I have put here for your understanding, we have plenty of other digital marketing platforms and guest posting sites where we can help you publish your contents and a website link. Let’s turn impossible into possible!

Here is the List with Complete Published Post Examples: (Paid Posts Only)

  • Contact us at if you want to post your article on the above sites. (Real Clients Only)
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