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Top 25 Crucial Digital Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Measure For Success In 2022

Top 25 Crucial Digital Marketing Metrics Every Marketer Should Measure For Success In 2022

Digital Marketing Metrics is the value which marketing teams use to track as well as to measure the performance of digital marketing campaigns and also in other words digital marketing is using the internet to reach their clients.

For those companies who want to expand or establish their presence on the internet digital marketing is currently the key ally for them and to promoting and selling of products and services offering digital marketing teams are using several tools as well as platforms.

Generally, digital marketing is all about connecting you with your customers at the right time and right place. Digital marketing metrics are very essential for digital marketers to track and measure performance and also essential for the improvement of their campaigns on a continuous basis.

These metrics will help you to understand properly how good your strategies are working. Digital marketing is also the component of marketing as well as platforms for promoting your products or services at high levels.

Which is the Most Crucial Digital Marketing Metric?

There are many different types of digital marketing metrics and every metric has different areas and uses to track. You will find here that what digital marketing metrics can prove to be useful.

Top 5 SEO Metrics

SEO metric provides you the data which needed to formulate new strategies as well as needed to improve old or existing plans. Also, SEO is very essential when it comes to digital marketing, and this SEO metric and SEO KPIs help every site to gauge the success of SEO efforts. Search engine optimization also helps websites to rank higher on SEO results and track performances and inform you to make necessary required changes.

SEO related

The Following are the top 5 SEO Metrics:

Leads & Sales

Leads: lead gen websites help you to push your customers to fill out some kind of form that includes personal information that is mobile number, name of customer or person and email address, etc. To track leads you are required to measure from completions that are used by businesses to qualify the lead for your product or services.

Sales: for tracking sales on online websites you are required to set up Ecommerce tracking and Ecommerce tracking are generally two types i.e. Enhanced Ecommerce and Standard Ecommerce tracking. By stepping this tracking you can see easily all Ecommerce information by traffic type on Google Analytics.

Organic Conversions

You are required to track organic conversions to measure the quality of organic traffic and also you already know that organic sessions alone are not enough. It is compulsory to set up your conversion events or Goal in Google Analytics for tracking organic traffic or conversions. If once you have set your goals which you want to track on your website then it is very simple for you to monitor them in Google Analytics and examples of such goals are form submissions, making a purchase, phone calls and email signups, etc.

On-page Optimization Scores 

On-page Optimization scores help to optimize the contents of a page for both search engines (SEO) as well as users. There are many tools that help you to analyze the page and after analyzing they are providing you information that how good the page is optimizing for search engine optimization.

This score considered things like; the Meta description, keywords in headings and subheadings, Page title, related keywords in headings and subheadings, and Keyword density, etc. are the score.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate helps you to measure user engagements on your website and also it is the best and better way of measuring engagements. Bounce rate is considered as the percentage of the single-page session and also if there is a low bounce rate then considered that users are interested in your website or they are thinking that your website is useful for them. A high bounce rate is not a bad thing but as compared to the low bounce rate on your website high bounce rate is not good for your site to get more users or to attract users’ minds into your site.

Page Speed

Page speed is another useful SEO metric to track and also Google uses this SEO metric to determine SERP rankings and page speed is measuring how fast content loads on each page. Generally, page speed is described in two ways that is Time to first byte and page load time. The first way of page speed conveys that the time taken to receive the first byte for your browser and the second one conveys that the time taken to display full content on a page. Page speed insight tool suggests you that how to improve performance and track page speed.

Top 5 Google Ads Metrics 

Google Ads Metrics is very important in driving traffic to your website and to matching your promotion with user intent then no doubt Google Ads metrics are the most powerful platform for this. Google Ads metrics help you to ensure that you are on the right path and also it is operated on a pay-per-click model. Since it is promising lots of businesses are going for Google Ads metrics.

Google ads

The following are the top 5 Google Ads Metrics:


Impression means whenever your ad is shown on the SEO result page through Google Network then this result count as one impression and also this metric helps to show the impressions on a high level via using account overview Datablock. If your ads have more impressions then it will rank high on SEO results and also increase organic traffic on your website and your users will take more interest in your ads and also in your website.

Average Cost per Action (CPA)

This Average cost per action helps to measure money that how much requires in order to convert a user and also it is known in other words cost per acquisition. It is usually higher than CPC and also it is the amount you are spending on each desired action taken to perform an action first you have to be required to make the user click on your ad and this action is a purchase, email signup, or submission for you. The formula of CAP: Total spends / cost per action.

Quality Score

Quality score metric helps to estimate the quality of your keywords and also it can affect to your ads that where your ads can rank and when. Having a quality score of your ads on Google between 7 to 10 is good for you and this score should be your goal and if your ads score is below 7 then your Google ads will be not shown. By adding a column within your Google ads dashboard you can easily find out the quality of your ad’s score.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Click-Through Rate means it is the overall ratio that how often public that are seeing your ads or clicking and also this metrics helps to view CTR data in a simple number Databook. Having an easy-to-read as well as a clean overview of essential metrics gives a quick glance and Havenridge is always recommending the account overview Datablock for tracking CTR in Databox. Click-Through Rate (CTR) is generally calculated by this formula:

The total no. of clicks your ads receive

The total number of impressions

Cost Per Conversion 

Cost per conversion is a very essential metric for an individual ads campaign and also it is the amount you are spending on each desired action taken. This metric is also vital when you are talking about PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns because each and every campaign has different types of goals. It helps you to know or tells you that how much you are paying for that desired action and also conversion can take many different forms.

Top 5 Social Media Metrics

Social media platforms help us to marketing and social media metrics are the use of data to gauge the impact of social media activity. Social media metrics help you to demonstrate the value of your work and also it helps to track and help you to make smarter decisions.

social media related

The following are the top 5 Social Media Metrics:

Number of Social Media Followers 

Having engaged followers is very essential instead of having many followers and also you have to manage your social media followers to gather over time when you are increasing your brand reach. To increase your social media followers then it is compulsory for you to know that how many followers do you have and also having a continuous growth rate over so many months will help you to justify your dedication as well as the efforts you are putting in.

Virality Rate

Virality rate means the number of people who shared the post that is relative to the number of unique views and to track it you have to measure a post`s shares and you have to measure a post`s impressions. For example, if a post gets 20,000 likes but only a 0.1% Virality rate and if one another post get likes only 12,000 but gets a Virality rate of 9.97% then this one is a far better post. For tracking, it divides the number of impressions and then multiplies by 100 to get Virality rate %.


Referrals will provide you ideas that which of your social media accounts are driving organic traffic so according to this, you can easily adjust your strategies and also provide you a breakdown of your organic traffic from each social media platform. This is also one kind of source from which your users can come to your landing page or your website. Referrals also help to know that your strategy is working good on this platform.

Social Media Conversion Rate

This Metrics will provide you complete and clear insight into the effectiveness of each & every post in a campaign and also social media conversion rate is the total number of conversions which is come from social media and expressed as a %. For tracking it you have to measure your total numbers of conversions and create a link in the post using a short URL and divide the social media conversions by the total numbers of conversions and then next multiply by 100 to get rate %.

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials are a very important metric to track because this includes negative or positive reviews, assessments, endorsements, and comments or customer thinking of your brand that is received specific period. This metric helps your website to increase more and more organic traffic through positive reviews and also there is a chance of sharing your brand more with others if your customers are happy with your products or brand.

Top 5 Link Building Metrics 

 Link Building metrics help you in organic traffic growth and also it is one of the pillars for SEO strategies and it is not measured by the number of links built. To determine the strength of your overarching SEO strategy use this Link building metric and this provides you effective best practices to measure success. This metric is also considered by every marketer to track and for SEO strategies.

link building

The following are the top 5 Link Building Metrics:

Domain Strength 

Domain Strength Metric helps your website to measure total authority or value at domain-level in the online world and also this metric takes into consideration your website popularity, size, and age and gives sense to overall authority. This metric was also coined by the SEO gurus at Moz and it is very important to measure the strength of any domain to track. It is representing a body of data about your website that how old it is, how much content it has, and also how much popular it is, etc.

Number of Links

A number of links metric refer that the total number of links to your website that makes it very easy to understand as well as track and also to focus on link building it is very important for you to know that how many links you have to manage to build it. A number of links metrics are still useful for measuring and also help you to know that how much active links you are losing. This metric helps to keep your campaign from spinning its wheels.

Cost Per Link

Cost per link metrics helps to improve your ROI (Return on Investment) and also it is best and better for getting lots of quality links. This metric also helps to build out a list of websites to target in your link-building campaign and use this metric for your profitability and for maximizing your visibility too. Cost per link helps to look into a professional’s link building services to generate the links for you and that links you can get for free to start via cold emails and partnership building etc.

Position of Links on the Page

Position of a link on the page metrics are used by Google to link your website from the linking domain and the idea behind the placement of links shows that trust as well as the importance of someone that places link to make another site. It is very essential to keep the positions of links on the page in mind that when you earn and try them from another website. This metric is very essential for positioning links to get more organic traffic to your site and for tracking.

Linking Root Domains

It is a very essential metric for measuring the quantity of your link-building campaign and also link root domain metric has a more significant positive impact on the website than total links. Having several links is important for your website to increase more organic traffic. Your site should have links from significant numbers of unique domains because of how Google treats Backlinks is important.

Top 5 Content Marketing Metrics

Content marketing metrics are the indicator or it is a tactic that is used across industries to create awareness as well as educate the audience. It is an indicator that you can track to determine the performance of your content and already you know that content marketing is a process of distributing, publishing, and creating content for a targeted audience online. This metric will guide you that whether your content marketing strategy is making enough content marketing Return On investment.

content marketing related

The following are the top 5 Content Marketing Metrics:

Qualified Traffic 

Qualified Traffic metrics are not just the amount of people who will visit your page or site this metric will help you to measures the success of your goals and also organic traffic comes with increased conversions and engagements for your business. Qualified traffic metric is good for the per post to track SEO positions over time and also it is one of the best and better and essential metrics to track website. This metric also helps to learn more about the drops and spikes in terms of traffic.


Backlinks Metrics is very important for any content marketing strategy because they help you to boost ups your ranking in search engines and also increase organic traffic to your website. These Backlinks metrics help business owners who want to generate quality traffic to their website and if your website has a good number of Backlinks then your content will rank at the first number on SEO results.

CTR & & Impressions

CTR & Impressions metrics will provide you an insight into whether the keywords of your content are ranking for actually translating to clicks as well as impressions in organic search. This metric also helps you to know that whether your content is doing well that is high CTR & impression or your content requires adjusting. This metric helps to track click-through rate as well as impressions in the Google search console and also review the queries associated with the page.

Quality Content

Quality Content metrics help to measure the quality of your content and also keep users regularly engaged and show the SEO score of your content. High-Quality content always increases organic traffic and engaged more audiences and also helps editors and content marketers to check that how well their content is optimized even before publishing. This metric is extremely essential to know how well SEO optimized your content.

Email Engagement Rate

Email Engagement Rate is very essential when it comes to content marketing metrics and this metric will help to increase engagement rate because if your engagement rate is low then definitely your marketing efforts will suffer. Email engagement rate metrics also help you to track your content and try your best to increase organic traffic to your content or will increase your content reader. Social media marketer also prefers this metric for user engagement on the content.


We are ALVI Web Tech an award-winning digital marketing company that provides the best online marketing services and also improves the overall growth of our client`s business. We have discussed above in detail about 5 channels of digital marketing and their metrics that will help you to manage your own business so read this article to get educated yourself.

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